Building ECO System which creates Market Capitalization

eGCoin is being a pioneer in Capital Market and is planning to extend it's wings to CRYPTO entity and aims to make its own brand thus creating value to its TOKEN.

Smart Contract : 0xeee38f99ad1cdae6282a706eba77f9ee0f1ce12d

Secure and Easy Way
to Trade Online

Everything Depends On Community and it's strong will to Hold,
Patience is Virtue and Only Patience can make You RICH

Benefits for Token Holders

Variety of Currencies

Our Group is planning for making up pairs with vast number of crypto currencies, so that our Token increases its value and will create its impact on Market.

Available Worlwide

We are building a system which will be seen by each and every living member across the globe and our Utilities are going to make Noise.

Crypto as Collateral

Our future plans are to make this token to be available as collateral basis, so that we can even have hope to enter into banking model.

Reliable and Safe

We can assure our community that the steps we are taking for the growth of this Token will grasp the vision of Big Eyes, Thus we are reliable to our members.

Simple Process

The way we are planning to build products for EGCOIN are going to make Market feel it's process simple and can be Utilized by Everyone.

Realtime Update

With proper management, each and every information will be updated in fraction of seconds and no scope for delay here.


Token Name EGCOIN
Token Symbol EGCOIN
Decimal 18
Type of Token BEP20
Total Tokens 10,000,000,000 XEG
Current Supply ???
BSCSCAN Click Here
PRESALE 105,000,000 XEG

Smart Contract :

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Token Distribution

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